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frequently asked questions

Are any illnesses or diseases excluded?

Like most insurance policies, we have some exclusions to keep your premiums affordable. These include hereditary and congenital defects, hip and elbow dysplasia, entropion (rolling in of the eyelids), ectropion (rolling out of the eyelids), complications of breeding and pre-existing conditions.

Are any operations or medical procedures excluded?

Elective procedures such as dew claw removal are excluded.

Are competition or racing animals covered?

No, we do not cover claims for the treatment of pets used for commercial purposes, unless specifically agreed to in writing. This includes, but is not limited to police or guard dogs, search/rescue and customs/quarantine dogs, pets used for racing, laboratory testing or experimentation, commercial breeding or any pet leased or rented out.

Are on-going conditions covered?

Yes, On-going/chronic conditions are covered.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

No, we do not cover pre-existing conditions or complications of those conditions. Pre-existing conditions may be excluded for a period of time or for the lifetime of the pet.

Are pregnancies and new births covered?

No, Rogz Pet Insurance does not cover any conditions relating to pregnancy or breeding.

Are there any age limits for the insurance?

Yes. There is no upper age limit for Option A, but no pet under the age of 8 weeks or older than 8 years can be enrolled on Option B and Option C. Once enrolled, cover may be kept for life.

Are there any discounts?

Yes. We understand that looking after the health of many pets may be expensive for pet owners, so we offer a multipet discount: receive a 10% discount on the premium for all pets that join Rogz Pet Insurance.

Are there any waiting periods?

There is a one calendar month waiting period for Accidents, Illness and Routine Care claims after the policy start date. This means that if your policy starts on 1 January 2012, you will not be able to claim for any veterinary visits during the month of January. There is a waiting period of 6 (six) calendar months for cruciate ligament conditions.

Can I cancel my pet insurance at any time?

You have a 14 day money back guarantee period from the start date of your policy to review and cancel with no obligation. If you would like to cancel your policy after this period we require one calendar month's written notice to cancel.


Rogz Pet Insurance is brought to you and underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Ltd, an authorised Financial Services Provider. Rogz Pet Insurance is administered by PetSure (Pty) Ltd an authorised Financial Services Provider.